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Doraemon On Scooter

100 out of 100 6
Play Doraemon On Scooter bike games:

Doraemon On Scooter is a web browser scrolling bike game that features three different characters you are able to pick from to race, Shizuka, Nobita, and Doraemon. You race the time with any of these cute little characters. The obstacles such as boxes, road cones and garbage cans can make you crash. The booster ramps within the course can help you avoid these obstacles. An urban theme song plays on a loop through the race. The goal is to beat the time for this bike game. It is a simple but fun racing bike game. Do you want to see if you can beat your own time? Play Doraemon On Scooter!
Instructions: Up arrow key: Accelerate Down arrow key: Reverse Left arrow key: Move Left Right arrow key: Move Right